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Monday, October 16, 2006

Condi Emulates Girlhood Idol

As a child Condi always understood foreign affairs. Take over the galaxy one planet at a time.

Condi calls for sanctions to stop North Korea from having weapons like we have, just like Vader would have tried to stop the Jedi from building their own Death Star. North Korea may not be anything like the Jedi but at least Vader never actually gave the Jedi Death Star technology.

The empire is run by many evil people. You have to do your job, but also make yourself stand out if someday you wish to be their leader. Unfortunately for Condi giving speeches in Asia isn't as impressive as crushing someone's throat with "the force" from across the room.

The lesson we learn is that great minds who look alike, think alike, even if they aren't equal in strength or robotic parts.



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