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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Homophobic Wisconsin, Clueless Pentagon

The November elections in Wisconsin have shown that Wisconsinites aren't ready to allow gay couples to marry, nor for them to have equal rights to straight couples.

This is no surprise especially considering Christian and conservative rhetoric leading us to believe that God would vote the same way. The pentagon took the opposite approach giving gays much more credit than the American people have.

The pentagon has reclassified homosexuality. It used be considered a similar disorder to mental retardation. Now, according to Yahoo! news, the pentagon is classifying homosexuality as a disease similar to motion sickness or obesity.

The gay community can rest easy. They may not have equal rights, but at least the government is ready to admit that they are no longer considered retarded.

GOD bless America...that is if that big, white, homophobic neo-con in the sky hasn't blessed us already.


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