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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Old Blog Has Been Updated!

Before man had blog, he had bumper. In my original blog the B stood for bumper. Here is my sticker collection starting with the newest addition to my oldest blog.

I created this sticker because I think homosexuals should have equal rights.

I got this sticker in response to the Bush presidency in general. (Not my creation)

I created this one because I feel the Bush environmental policies will continue to make our lakes unsafe to eat from. Real sportsmen like to eat what they kill, not just kill.

I bought this one because I think the religious right need to consider the Bible's stance on killing before they blindly support bombing other nations.(Not my creation)

WARNING--This sticker is not politically relevant.
I created this sticker because I think it is silly for people to brag about closing (staying until close) a bar. No offense intended to the moms out there(My mom likes the sticker).


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